Identifying yourself as a DEMA Member
All members in good standing are eligible to utilize the DEMA logo on any self promotional materials, including your resumes, websites and portfolios.  The logo signifies your commitment to quality, fairness and professionalism as well as differentiates you from other professionals in the industry.  Please contact us at to request logos for the association.

As more people and businesses identify themselves as DEMA members the association’s reputation will continue to grow!  The DEMA logo represents a symbol of excellence, safety and high quality of service.
DEMA Logo Usage Guidelines
Consistency in the use of the logo is essential and lays the foundation for positive recognition in the marketplace. The following guidelines describe how the DEMA logo may be used. Please adhere to the guidelines to protect the logo’s integrity and help build a strong visual identity for your association.
It is very important to the expansion of DEMA that the logo becomes better known throughout the industry.  Being a part of this association gives you credibility that many others may not have. When utilizing the logo in your resume some examples you may use for the description of membership benefits include: the safety of hiring pre-qualified and approved vendors, resources on how to better prepare for events and the ability to communicate with leading industry experts on difficult situations.  Other examples can be found on  Notating your affiliation with DEMA will only improve your credibility and help secure future employment!

Logo Usage
All uses of the DEMA logo shall promote the benefit of working with you as a member of the association. The logo should always be applied in a consistent manner. No variation in the standards outlined below will be permitted without written consent from DEMA.  DEMA reserves the right to review any materials, such as advertising and collateral, which bear the DEMA logo.

  • You may not display the logo in any manner that suggests you are an employee.
  • Your use of the logo must clearly indicate that you are independent of DEMA.
  • Your name must appear on any materials where the DEMA logo is used.
  • You may not modify or alter the DEMA logo design in any way. The logo may not be translated or otherwise localized into any other language.
  • You may not combine the DEMA logo with any other object, including but not limited to, other logos, icons, words, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, symbols, design features, website or graphic files.
  • You may not use a copy of the DEMA logo that has been scanned at low resolution.
  • You may not use the DEMA logo as a design feature on any of your materials.
  • The DEMA logo should appear only once in any given document.
  • The DEMA logo may not be used in any manner that expresses or implies affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification or approval, other than as set forth by the DEMA.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines shall constitute a breach of the DEMA membership agreement.
Spatial and Sizing Considerations
The DEMA logo must stand alone. A minimum amount of space must be left between the logo and any other object such as type, borders, edges, etc. The required border spaces around the logo are as follows:
  • Border width shall be no less than a quarter of the total width of logo
  • Border height shall be no less than a quarter of the total height of logo
  • The DEMA logo must never appear smaller than 1″ in width.
Color Palette and Reproduction
The DEMA logo may be printed in 4 color (CMYK) or black and white. The DEMA logo may be utilized in RGB for website home pages. The use of the logo on any other web pages must incorporate a description of the DEMA membership program.
Logo Placement
Recommended placement of the DEMA logo is in the lower-right or lower-left corner of any advertisement, letterhead, brochure, business card and email signature block.
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